Our Dream

Wole Adeyeye Foundation aims to holistically address a wide range of social issues generally affecting humans across the demographics with the purpose of improving lives and societies.


We’re ending hunger

Hunger remains a prevalent endemic in Nigeria. With FARCODE, we will reduce the prevalence of hunger in Nigeria by 30% by 2030


We’re making youth employable

By making 1 in every 3 young people employable, we will reduce unemployment by 33%

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We’re empowering women

We will act as a voice to address issues of women including domestic abuse, employability and leadership

To primarily address some burning issues in isolation, Wole Adeyeye Foundation is divided into some key sub-groups.

Women and youth scheme

To serve as a voice and address issues of women particularly the young victimized widows, single unemployed mother, victims of domestic abuse or violence, and unemployed youths. Using sports, entertainment, arts and special talents as major tools for social change.

Farming And Rural Communities Development

By creating self sufficient and green farming communities, we can make farming more effective in Sub Saharan Africa which will play a key role in ending global hunger by the year 2030.

Youth Investment in Educational and Leadership Drive

As issues affecting youths remain pivotal Globally, more attention has to be paid to Education and breeding the new crop of leaders. We need to focus on value re-orientation and engineer a very positive mindset.

Women in Educational and Leadership Drive

Women rights activism and gender balancing.

Sports and Talents Identification and Nurturing

Primarily targeted at youths to use sports, crafts and entertainment as major tools to tackle unemployment and youth restiveness.


Wildlife, forest and climate preservation and conservation.