WAF is a true reflection of the Founder's thoughts...

The foundation aims to holistically address a wide range of social issues generally affecting humans across the demographics with the purpose of improving lives and societies.



WAYS Women And Youth Scheme
FARCODE Farming And Rural Communities Development.
YIELD Youth Investment in Educational and Leadership Drive
WIELD Women Investment in Educational and Leadership Drive
SATIN Sports and Talents Identification and Nurturing
GREENKEEP Wildlife and Forest Conservation

We can't do it alone, we need volunteers at every step of the way

We need trainers, farmers, and YOU 01

No matter what skill you have, someone may be in need of it. Volunteer with us today to achieve lasting impact in Nigeria

Help Everyone Take Action 02

If you can't volunteer physically, you can increase the impact of our campaigns and help spread awareness on key issues in Nigeria. All you need to do is Post, Tweet, or Pin It!

Act Sustainably 03

By thinking before you print, conserving water and conserving wildlife and our natural habitat, everyone of us can help slow climate change